Casino Marketing & Technology Conference

JULY 23-25 | 2019


PRODUCED BY Casino Journal

2015: Dennis Conrad, President and Chief Strategist Raving Consulting

Dennis was honored as a leader in casino marketing for his unwavering strategy and teaching based around one question “Does this tactic, does this promotion, does this policy, truly serve the customer?”

Ask any conference attendee, any reader of his long-running columns, any client, business associate or his team. They’ll say Dennis has an uncanny ability to see through marketing and operational efforts that disguise themselves as benefiting the customer, but really profit the organization or the executive.

Dennis recognized early on in his career, over 40 years ago, that the changing landscape of gaming, more often than not, has resulted in under serving the people that play our slot machines and bet at our table games. His perspective is through hands-on experience; he’s a passionate table games player and moved through the ranks as a keno writer in Laughlin, NV, an accomplished craps croupier at a Las Vegas Strip mob joint, a marketing director, a corporate vice president and eventually as a gaming consultant.

It has been his quest and why he’s being acknowledged with this award, to educate operators and marketers through every avenue possible, including creating true learning events that focus on this common-sense and strategic approach to guest delight. Either as the sole creator or as a co-producer, Raving-branded conferences have influenced thousands of casino executives with his signature approach using candor and humor. You might be familiar with a few of these long-running industry mainstays: Raving’s Indian Gaming National Marketing Conference, Raving’s Host and Player Development Conference, Casino Marketing, and many more.

Dennis was recognized for his unyielding efforts to challenge casino organizations and executives to answer honestly, “Does this tactic, does this promotion, does this policy, truly serve the customer?”