Casino Marketing & Technology Conference

JULY 23-25 | 2019


PRODUCED BY Casino Journal

2013: Michael Meczka, Principal, MM/R/C

In every industry, it seems like there is always one individual who holds that industry’s feet to the fire, who reminds it of what is really important, questions embedded craziness, speaks truth to power, and routinely challenges the status quo. In the gaming industry, that individual is Michael Meczka, the 2013 Recipient of Casino Marketing’s esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award.

A market researcher by trade, Michael has personally conducted more focus groups with more casino customers than any other researcher in the gaming industry. This deep insight into casino customers has also lead him to become one of the most widely utilized and trusted consultants in the industry, with a gaming client list too long to mention each company by name.

Known for his frank, measured, “in your face” speaking style, Michael has sobered audiences with his comments like “It’s the gambling, stupid!” He has asked rooms full of senior gaming executives to raise their hands if they have ever taken $500 of their own money for a night out gambling (“Then how can you understand the very type of casino customer you are trying to attract and make loyal?”). In his headline grabbing remarks at a regional gaming conference, where market casino executives were falling all over themselves discussing how their shriveling gaming business wasn’t really so bad, Michael bluntly stated, “Yeah, nice place to live, but who’d really want to visit?”

Michael Meczka is being honored for his four decades of quality research, his unparalleled wisdom and understanding of all things gaming, and his generosity of spirit in mentoring casino marketing “cubs” and sharing honest information with all who might ask.