Casino Marketing & Technology Conference

JULY 23-25 | 2019


PRODUCED BY Casino Journal

haugenFrances Haugen
Director, Data Product Management

Frances Haugen is the Director of Data Product at Gigster, focusing on developer productivity and machine learning. Frances is a passionate advocate for the training of business decision makers in how to use machine learning effectively to transform their businesses and believes that thinking in the patterns of machine learning will be as integral a skill as Excel for 21st century leaders. Frances has taken data-based user experiences from 0->1 in multiple applications across some of the leading tech companies. She co-founded the Computer Vision team at Yelp and built out their data mining team. She was the lead product manager for home feed ranking at Pinterest (a recommender system) and worked on a diverse array of Search experiences at Google including founding the Google+ Search team, launching the first mobile book reader, and co-founding the Boston Search team. Frances loves user-facing big data applications and finding ways to make mountains of information useful and delightful to the user. Frances was a member of the founding class of Olin College and holds an MBA from Harvard.