Casino Marketing & Technology Conference

JULY 23-25 | 2019


PRODUCED BY Casino Journal

meczkaMichael Meczka
Meczka Marketing Research Consulting

MM/R/C, Inc., a full service marketing/market research company owned by Michael Meczka, is recognized as a world leader in gaming marketing, research, and consulting support. Simply stated, no one has provided more solutions through research more effectively, in more markets – emerging or existing – with more consumers or gaming client companies – including governments, regulators, operators and suppliers – than MM/R/C, Inc. and Michael Meczka.

Michael's breadth and depth of experience serving the gaming industry is without peer. During the company's 35+ years as a consultant to the gaming industry, over 1,500,000 individual quantitative interviews and in excess of 2,500 qualitative focus group sessions have been completed. These studies have been conducted with patrons of gaming facilities located in virtually every North American gaming market, as well as international markets.

The scope of MM/R/C's gaming-related projects covers all aspects of the total gaming experience, including initial feasibility and development of gaming markets/areas, lodging, travel, food, patron profile, guest satisfaction, guest loyalty, entertainment, as well as gambling and game development, both mechanical and table.

Gaming represents the minority of the company’s consulting assignments. The company has for over 35 years provided such services to the toy, automotive, restaurant, hospitality and advertising industries.

Michael is a 35-year member of the American Marketing Association and Marketing Research Association.