Casino Marketing & Technology Conference

JULY 23-25 | 2019


PRODUCED BY Casino Journal

mastropietroLuigi Mastropietro
VP Relationship Marketing

Luigi Mastropietro is currently the VP of Relationship Marketing for Everi (formerly Global Cash Access), (NYSE: EVRI), headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 1996, Casino Marketing & Player Development departments have utilized at least a dozen uniquely designed services for the casino industry that are now routinely offered by Everi. The Casino Share Intelligence dashboard won awards from the Casino Journal as one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology products in 2011.

Luigi has worked with Everi through several corporate acquisitions for over 25 years. Following the acquisition of Central Credit by GCA in the fall of 1999, he integrated Central Credit’s Guest Development Services into the GCA corporate portfolio of services, creating Casino Marketing Services. The marketing services have proven to be very successful in enhancing the overall marketing & player development strategies for many casino brands over the years.

Everi’s Casino Marketing Services are widely considered a unique, quality resource for prospecting and player acquisition to target new casino players exclusively for Everi clients. The results have proven to yield very high response rates. Everi also offers slot machines, financial, compliance, marketing & customer service solutions to Native American and traditional gaming jurisdictions in over 1100 casino locations around the world.