Host Development Conference

JULY 22-23 | 2019


Produced by Casino Journal

zeinerJim Zeiner
General Manager - Retired
Northern New England Business Unit
Ryder Transportation Services and Logistics

Known for his loud voice and his rough and ready vocabulary when he was trying to make a point, Jim Zeiner was a leader in every sense of the word.
After being honorably discharged from the military attaining the rank of Captain in the Transportation Corps, including a year in Vietnam, Jim started on the frontline in the truck leasing industry. Learning the business, he moved up the ladder, from entry level sales to ultimately overseeing an elite sales team of over 15 plus two dozen directors, and responsible for four states and millions in contracts.
At his retirement party, after thirty-five years in the industry, past employees traveled from across the country and years after their employment to honor the man who would walk through fire for them; who taught them art of sales that could be applied to any industry. Not only was he a teacher, he was a leader.
At this year’s conference, he’ll speak to the principle that sales is about having the patience and the skills to build a relationship and knowing when to walk away from an opportunity when it isn’t a good fit, no matter the price tag. He’ll share the process of a sale: practices and knowledge that player development specialists can apply to their own book of business.  
An avid gardener, golfer and photographer since retirement, attendees will learn from a pro that earned his stripes learning the business from the ground up.